Saturday, 30 January 2016

Top 10 recipes of 2015

I am so excited to compile a list of most popular recipes of 2015 based on page views. Which one is your favourite ???

1. Envelope Rotis :

A simple, tasty and healthy dish using a lot of colourful vegetables.

2. Bisi Bela Bath

An authentic dish from Karnataka, Bisi bele bath (BBB) means hot lentil rice in Kannada. This dish is a perfect combination of carbs, protein and vegetables flavoured with the most aromatic spices.

3. Uppu Huli Dosa :

A traditional recipe from Udupi made from rice, lentils and spices. Add some chopped cabbage or greens, it transforms into a one dish meal.

4. Spinach and Corn Calzone : 

An indie version of a calzone made with spinach, corn, paneer and cheese. You can call this stuffed paratha, quesedilla or calzone. Whatever the name, it is just delicious and healthy !!!

5. Mango Menaskai :

One more recipe from Udupi which will delight your taste buds.

6. Badam Burfi :

What's a top 10 list without desserts ???? !!!

7. Chilli Vegetable Gravy :

Get your daily dose of veggies with this wonderful dish.

8. Easy Cheesy Pasta:

Make this pasta wholesome with whole wheat pasta and loads of veggies.

9. Chocolate Banana Bread (Eggless) :

A favourite dessert with chocolate - yummy chocolate banana bread - its eggless too !!!

10. Healthy Paneer Makani :

Last but not the least, my favourite -  Paneer Makhani without butter !!!

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