Saturday, 25 July 2015

Yogurt Parfait

yogurt parfait often contains some of breakfast's major staples: yogurt, granola, fruits. A great thing about parfait is its versatility. You can make it however you choose! It is one of breakfast's most delicious meals, and the best part is it's easy to prepare. Children and adults will love this good-tasting, easy-to-make treat, with the added benefit of it being healthy. (Source : Wikihow)

This can also be served as an evening snack or dessert.

Ingredients :

Yogurt/curd : 5 cups

Chopped fruits : 2 cups 
Cornflakes : 1 cup
Honey/maple syrup : 2 tablespoons (optional)
Sugar (optional)


1. Strain the whey out of the curd/yogurt with a sieve or muslin cloth. You can add sugar/honey/any sweetener to the hung curd and refrigerate till you start assembling the parfait.

2.Mix the honey/maple syrup with the fruits and keep refrigerated for an hour. (this step is optional, if you are using fruits that are sweet, you can skip this step)

3. Assemble the parfait in a glass by adding yogurt, fruits, cornflakes and another layer of yogurt, fruits and cornflakes.

Note :

Variations you can try using : 

a) dry fruits like raisins, cashews and almonds.
b) muesli, granola, chocos etc.
c) grated chocolate, chocolate chips etc.

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